"... Fuck the silly "throw you out" joke
Fuck the framed cigar DeNiro smoked
Fuck their lack of originality and personality
Fuck this travesty
Fuck this new norm
Fuck conformity
Fuck their Kristal
Fuck their sordity
Fuck the way they fuck equality
Fuck their freebie gear
Fuck the ones they wear

Successful people
Dressed up people
Smiling people
Famous people
Red carpet people
Wealthy people
Important people
But still just people

Messed up people
Shallow people
Stupid people
Plastic people
Meta people
Theta people

Oh, fuck the ones they wear
I'm cribcaged

I'm alive and I am true to my heart now - I am I,
but why must truth always make me die?

Let me break!
Let me bleed!
Let me tear myself apart

I need to breathe!
Let me lose my way!
Let me walk astray!
Maybe to proceed
Just let me bleed!

Let me drain!
Let me die!
Let me break the things I love I need to cry!
Let me burn it all!
Let me take my fall!
Through the cleansing fire!
Now let me die!
Let me die

Let me out
Let me fade into that pitch-black velvet night"

<3 PoS

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